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Wednesday, 22 December 2010 16:00

Each plant or process unit has its own category of operating temperature. Failure to maintain this operating temperature can cause many problems to the overall system of Plant, Processing Unit, Factory, etc. Applying layers of Heat / Thermal protection with the proper and correct procedure can prevent Heat loss and maintain the operational temperature of the process. This layer has other benefits as it also acts as personal protection; which is to prevent damage that could be caused by direct impact on human body / people working in the area due to hot or cold temperature(frost bite).

Thermal Insulation Work can be categorized into Cold Insulation and Hot Insulation work, as well as Cryogenic (hot-cold) insulation work. These kind of services is normally needed in industries such as: Refinery, Pipeline, Industrial Process, Power Plant, Chemical / Petro-chemical processing, Oil and Gas.

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